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Digital Screens and Retina Damage?

Teenagers staring at SmartphonesA new topic for eye doctors and opticians is the explosion of new screens which most people are staring at these days – smart phones, tablets, desktop monitor, LED TV’s . . . . . and people are gazing for hours at a time compared to in the past.

The problem is that these screens operate with blue light as the background color – and although you might think that it’s not really blue I assure you it’s true: if you’ve seen a kid on your street at night with a smart phone you’ll agree that the glare off their face is bluish – not green, not yellow, not reddish but actually blue. Blue light has the ability to smash into the eye with wavelength power perfectly tuned to concentrate on the retina in a avalanche of excess and over time cause retina damage – it’s a big downside of this modern world we live in now. What condition will the retinas of the world [and your retina too] be in down the road in 10 years or so – especially when retinas are supposed to last for 100 years in normal use.

The brain / body needs some blue wavelength light onto the retina receptors to maintain mood and a normal diurnal body rhythm so filtering out all the blueness from the sky or computer LED workscreen would be bad. The trick is to eliminate mostly the harsh blue parts.

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